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365+ Buri Armor Chest Rig Carrier

There’s not a lot of gear from eastern part of Europe we get to test, and definitely not a lot of rigs that come preconfigured. 365+ changes that as they sent us their hybrid chest rig/plate carrier called Buri. Let’s see what it’s all a... Read More »

KWA/Umarex Heckler & Koch HK45

“Possibly the most solid airsoft pistol i have ever owned” Box and initial presentation As with all the other KWA / UMAREX pistols I have in my collection (M92 PTP and ATP), the packaging is sublime. Sleek black cardboard, in which lie... Read More »

Viper Tactical Elite Jacket and Contractors Pants

Jackets! Trousers! Grey! Titanium! Oh my! Viper Tactical have released their new version of the Titanium jacket and trousers and thanks to Military1st we can show you what they came up with. Elite Jacket The Viper Elite Jacket is a n... Read More »

ACT Lunox

Night vision–the Holy Grail of gear any airsofter dreams about. Having the advantage of seeing better at night has been looked for since the very first battles ever took place. Night vision devices (NVDs for short) give you that ability.... Read More »

New Husar CONCRETE Plate Carrier

Introducing the new Laser-cut HUSAR CONCRETE Plate Carrier Features: Total weight: 650 g / 1.44 lbs. Integrated 3 AK/AR Kangaroo Front Flap based on M.A.S. Insert ITW NEXUS Components Velcro Loop & Hook Original CORDURA Laminat... Read More »

Project Gecko CQB training in Poland

This weekend we had the pleasure to take some photos during the CQB course conducted by Project Gecko and organized by Stronghold Group. We also had the opportunity to gain some knowledge and meet a group of amazing people. Read More »

Flyye EDC Backpack

Possibly the most utilised bit of kit I ever bought. The very first day of work in 2012 I joyfully handed my notice in and a month later I was embarking on a month long trip around China to find myself and clear my mind before returning... Read More »

CYMA M24 Sniper Rifle at Airsoft

Features: High density polymer textured nylon fiber stock Hard polymer furniture for reduced weight and improved durability Full metal receiver, trigger, bolt, bolt handle and barrel assembly Metal receiver with Integrated railed scope ... Read More »

Weave your MOLLE pouches CORRECTLY

We've seen this happening a lot of times. Improper weaving leads to loose pouches, and faster wear of the material. Weave your MOLLE PROPERLY! This short tutorial will show you how to do it. Read More »

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