Flyye edc backpack
Possibly the most utilised bit of kit I ever bought. The very first day of work in 2012 I joyfully handed my notice in and a month later I was embarking on a month long trip around China to find myself and clear my mind before returning to find different work. The culminatio...Read More
Flyye edc hydration backpack
Quite simply this is one of the best investments I feel I ever made throughout over a decade of airsoft. The need In my earlier years of playing I tried numerous different styles and constructions of tactical gear, including entirely custom assembled efforts from webbing str...Read More
Viper tactical lazer and modular one day packs
We have seen some of the Viper Tactical gear here at TacticalTwo, like the Elite Platform plate carrier. And you know what a great addition to a plate carrier would be? A day pack! It’s no secret that wearing an additional backpack over your plate carrier is far from being co...Read More