Viper Tactical
Jackets! Trousers! Grey! Titanium! Oh my! Viper Tactical have released their new version of the Titanium jacket and trousers and thanks to Military1st we can show you what they came up with. Elite Jacket The Viper Elite Jacket is a new version of a water resistant micro sh...Read More
We have seen some of the Viper Tactical gear here at TacticalTwo, like the Elite Platform plate carrier. And you know what a great addition to a plate carrier would be? A day pack! It’s no secret that wearing an additional backpack over your plate carrier is far from being co...Read More
If you are looking for a branded and affordable plate carrier, look no more! Viper Elite Platform is here and thanks to Military 1st we’re going to take a look at it in this review. I want a plate carrier! I know! If you are an airsoft player like me, I can completely unders...Read More