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After meeting the lovely ladies Yvette & Olivia of ICS Airsoft’s Sales & Marketing teams in person at the 23rd Hooha show in Taichung and being given a thorough introduction to their product lines by them it was suggested that perhaps I should pay their facility a visi...Read More
So yet another few months have zipped by for me here in Taiwan and along with juggling final exams, parents days, national holidays - and flitting around my new island paradise home in typical me fashion - I’ve reached the point where soon enough I’ll be signing on for another...Read More
There are a lot of small gear manufacturers around the world that you might have not ever heard of. It’s a pity, because their products are of great quality. This is why we’d like to start a series of interviews with people who create products that are worth giving a go. All t...Read More
The last few weekends have been manic busy for me—lots of airsoft shopping as two of my teaching colleagues have decided to join the ranks of airsoft addicts, and one of them has even gotten his girlfriend interested and bought her all the gear for xmas. Me and one of them als...Read More
Right after my first foray into manufacturer visits at Bolt Airsoft I decided to make good use of my last day's holiday before being thrown back into the daily grind of work by taking a leisurely saunter over to TaoYuan, the city just North of HsinChu where I'm based—between h...Read More
I returned from my short escape to Thailand for an old uni friend's wedding last Tuesday morning—bleary eyed and knackered from a general trend of excess drinking, partying and sleep deprivation—and managed to return back to my flat in Zhubei—North of Hsinchu, Taiwan—get showe...Read More
So, another month rolls round and we’re nearing my first xmas here in Taiwan… even though I kind of came here specifically to escape all the ‘Hallmark Holidays’ of the West - I’ve spent the last three xmases overseas in Germany, Bruges/Luxembourg/Paris/Seville and China respec...Read More
So whilst I was meandering around the 22nd Hooha Show in Taipei back on the first weekend of September, having only been here a month at the time - because of course I got involved with the airsoft scene here as soon as I could, naturally - I came across Show Guns Hong Kong. ...Read More
Action Bunker Taipei is located right next to the DongHu MRT station on the Brown over-ground line just north of Nangang (the Northernmost end station of the Taiwan High Speed Rail – which makes it convenient for me, with having to travel from Hsinchu where I live and work - a...Read More
I’d seen photos and videos on the net from previous airsoft expos in Asia and had a keen interest in getting involved – aside from ‘The British Shooting Show’ in the UK – of which only a small part was dedicated to airsoft, in amongst all the tweed and cordite of live fire sho...Read More