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When it comes to flashlights, we all know that SureFire is the golden standard. There’s no doubt about it. But what if we’d like to look for a product that’s good and does not break the bank? Nitecore fills this need with many different options. Nitecore MH12GT The Nitecore ...Read More
Following on from my past experiences in the UK with plastic shelled FastMags for both STANAG/M4 magazines and 9mm pistol mags, as well as my own custom modified MP7 FastMags which then served to hold my awkwardly sized Five-seveN pistol mags, when I arrived in Taiwan I immedi...Read More
Another piece of Flyye Khaki gear which has travelled the world with me on my many adventures; the Flyye EDC Camera Bag is an excellent low profile/ minimal accessories carriage option for a reasonable sized SLR or Bridge Camera – in my case it perfectly fits and protects my F...Read More
You might not know DBR Custom Gear as it’s a small company based in Poland that specialises in producing custom solutions to your tactical needs. Every product they have available can be customised, completely changed or you can even design your own piece of gear that does no...Read More
Pentagon is known for their tactical line of clothing, but today we’re going to have a look at something different. Jeans. Yes, normal jeans but with a tactical twist. Thanks to our friends at Military1st we can test the new offering from Pentagon. Pentagon Rogue Jeans is an ...Read More
Hearing protection might not be the most important thing in airsoft, but communication is key. That’s why today we are taking a look at Opsmen Earmor M32 headset that offers both. Having spent time with different headsets from Z-Tac, opening the Earmor box gave much better ...Read More
RAMP series of polymer pouches is an alternative to other systems available on the market. I’m sure you all know ITW FastMags? IMI or Fab defence? A lot of manufacturers have some models available in their catalogue. The problem with FastMags for example, is that its construc...Read More
I have been using Gas Blowback Pistols in Airsoft for over a decade. I got my first Marui Glock 26 when I was still at secondary school for plinking, followed by a Marui M92F and Marui Desert Eagle. When I joined the original NTUSAS in my second year of university I carried t...Read More
I almost feel guilty about this bag - I bought it over 6 years ago while it was on sale for £80 - usually they retail around the £100-120 mark - especially here in Taiwan, as they have to be imported from the US and hit by tax etc. The guilty part is for the fact that it sat ...Read More
Flyye EDC Bucket Bag is a fairly unusual but very useful individual MOLLE pouch I felt was worth mentioning; I got one in Khaki from Royal Tiger Gear in Hong Kong some years back and have found it very useful for sticking on the back of my MOLLE belt rigs or occasionally on th...Read More