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‘What’s this?’, I hear you say; ‘Another 5.11 product review from Stewbacca?’. It’s almost as if I have a habit to feed or something. Along with my 5.11 CAMS 2.0 and 5.11 Mission Ready 1.0, unfortunately the long serving FLYYE EDC Messenger Bag my sister bought me for my birt...Read More
I have been travelling internationally quite extensively for the last decade or so since graduating - before that I rarely ever left the UK besides school trips to France and Belgium; my family were never immensely well off or even particularly inclined to head overseas as a u...Read More
One of my all-time favourite pistols; the Five-seveN was originally made available in airsoft form by Marushin, but in an 8mm variant with an unusual magazine with the rounds visible through a side slot rather than the usual front viewing slot. Once Tokyo Marui brought out the...Read More
First Tactical is a fairly new brand on the market, and thanks to our friends at Military1st, we have a chance of testing their tactical trousers and telling you what we think about them. From the manufacturer’s perspective, the Tactix Tactical pants are designed to deliver f...Read More
Packaging—Let’s get it out the box! Upon receiving the GT-14 you get a tasty little NVG bag that has a zipper and a buckle strap so you can attach it to your webbing or wear it like a tactical NVG handbag. Epic for the modern man. Inside you will find a main compartment, and ...Read More
I've been sitting on this review, a long list of chores and interviews I've yet to complete. As it stood today, I'm able to cross this of the 'to do list'... Triumph Instrument - TRI MBITR AN/PRC 152's A few years back, I was fortunate enough to pick up what was then, a slig...Read More
We’ve been fans of the Husar products for quite a while, so when they offered us a review unit of their Cubby Admin+ pouch, we could not say no. So what is this thing? Husar Cubby Admin is an interesting product that can either be an admin pouch, a dangler or a fanny pack....Read More
Black Mountain Tactical is a relatively new brand coming form Poland. Thanks to our friends at GunFire, we were able to have a closer look at the Cedar Combat Pants built with a ripstop material. The trousers are a very interesting proposition with some unique and different f...Read More
It’s finally here! After many months of teasing, testing and preparations the original design of the dual tube system is available. Thanks to our friends at ActInBlack, we were able to try out and play around their near final version of the system. And boy, was it fun! The ...Read More
Yep, night vision. The airsofter’s dream. Long have I waited to be able to stalk my prey in the night, like the deadly hunter I am. Or in my case, bimble around and get used to looking for my first NVG without squealing in excitement and giving my position away. Packaging ...Read More