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Quite simply this is one of the best investments I feel I ever made throughout over a decade of airsoft. The need In my earlier years of playing I tried numerous different styles and constructions of tactical gear, including entirely custom assembled efforts from webbing str...Read More
I got these in Tan to match my rigs and Oakley SI 6" Assault Boots and to replace my worn out Warrior Assault Systems Tactical Gloves which basically got worn to pieces after a while of gaming. They are very comfortable; snug, without being overly tight, perhaps the only dr...Read More

The best boots I've ever bought. 
I invested in my first pair of Size 13 Oakley SI 6" Assault Boots about 7 years back, and have barely worn anything else on my feet the entire time since (beyond formal shoes and very occasionally my Nike trainers). I live in these boots,...Read More
We have seen some of the Viper Tactical gear here at TacticalTwo, like the Elite Platform plate carrier. And you know what a great addition to a plate carrier would be? A day pack! It’s no secret that wearing an additional backpack over your plate carrier is far from being co...Read More
Admin pouches are a very useful piece of gear. In those, we can store basic tools, documents, writing equipment and such. Thanks to Military 1st, we can see what Flyye has to offer in this department. Three Admin Pouches We got our hands on 3 different types of admin pouches...Read More
Jumpable plate carriers like Crye Precision JPC or JPC 2.0 became very popular, especially in the airsoft community. Flyye Swift is a great copy of it, and we’re going to have a look at it in this review. What’s really great about these types of plate carriers is their relati...Read More
I thought I’d start off reviewing the single most important piece of equipment for any airsofter; eye protection. This is made all the more relevant given an unfortunate incident recently in the south of England, where a young 14-year-old boy lost one of his eyes after a snipe...Read More

Flyye LT6094

Review04 Mar 09:320

We previously looked at the Viper Elite Platform plate carrier and we liked it. Today, thanks to Military 1st we will be looking at Flyye Industries LT6094 plate carrier at a slightly higher price point. The replica In the world of tactical gear and airsoft, the word repli...Read More
If you are looking for a branded and affordable plate carrier, look no more! Viper Elite Platform is here and thanks to Military 1st we’re going to take a look at it in this review. I want a plate carrier! I know! If you are an airsoft player like me, I can completely unders...Read More
Thanks to the online shop, we got our hands on the Helicon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants to test them. The Helicon-Tex UTP pants are part of the Urban Tactical Line group of products offered by Helikon-Tex. This line is designed to meet the needs of more casual users–it’...Read More