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Opsmen earmor m32 electronic communication hearing protection
Hearing protection might not be the most important thing in airsoft, but communication is key. Th...
Gear4grunts ramp e polymer magazine pouch
RAMP series of polymer pouches is an alternative to other systems available on the market. I’m su...
Blackhawk serpa retention holsters
I have been using Gas Blowback Pistols in Airsoft for over a decade. I got my first Marui Glock 2...
5 11 range ready bag
I almost feel guilty about this bag - I bought it over 6 years ago while it was on sale for £80 -...
Flyye edc bucket bag
Flyye EDC Bucket Bag is a fairly unusual but very useful individual MOLLE pouch I felt was worth mentioning; I got one in Khaki from Royal Tiger Gear in Hong Kong some years back and have found it very useful for sticking on the back of my MOLLE belt rigs or occasionally on the side of my Flyye EDC Backpack for those ‘Tactical Shopping’ outings – it’s the perfect size for a ...
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Show guns hong kong
So whilst I was meandering around the 22nd Hooha Show in Taipei back on the first weekend of September, having only been here a month at the time - because of course I got involved with the airsoft scene here as soon as I could, naturally - I came across Show Guns Hong Kong. ...Read More
Site review action bunker taipei
Action Bunker Taipei is located right next to the DongHu MRT station on the Brown over-ground line just north of Nangang (the Northernmost end station of the Taiwan High Speed Rail – which makes it convenient for me, with having to travel from Hsinchu where I live and work - a...Read More
The 22nd hooha show in taipei
I’d seen photos and videos on the net from previous airsoft expos in Asia and had a keen interest in getting involved – aside from ‘The British Shooting Show’ in the UK – of which only a small part was dedicated to airsoft, in amongst all the tweed and cordite of live fire sho...Read More
Bada bing my airsoft history
I'm a gun guy. Always have been. My earliest memory of this love traces back to nursery school when I was using a toy trumpet as a Tommy gun. I was 3 years old. The saga begins. I blame my parents really, a child watching movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, would most lik...Read More
S23 my healthy airsoft obsession
Way back when, as a child growing up I was immersed in a steady diet of comics, such as 2000ad and of course, Judge Dredd, and films such as Star Wars, Robocop. As such I developed an insatiable thirst knowledge and reading as well as an eye for the aesthetic and design, being...Read More