Holsters. For those of you out there who have got a sidearm, there are a myriad of options out there. You could go for fabric, leather or plastic. All shapes and sizes. We have a couple holster reviews on our site, but which one to pick? Re…Read More
After meeting the lovely ladies Yvette & Olivia of ICS Airsoft’s Sales & Marketing teams in person at the 23rd Hooha show in Taichung and being given a thorough introduction to their product lines by them it was suggested that perha…Read More
If you happen to follow my Instagram or Youtube feeds (@stewbacca117 for both) You’l no doubt have seen this in my hands for the vast majority of the games since I bought it second hand (although barely used, and with a spare magazine) off …Read More
So, I had intended on forking out for the 5.11 Tactical COVRT M4 gun carrier backpack for a while and even went to meet the manager at 5.11 Taipei to enquire about getting hold of one, having seen their literature and online adverts which o…Read More
Following on from my experiences with the TMC COVRT M4 I had gotten back in early February 2018, and having contemplated how best to store and carry my KWA H&K MP7 GBB and its related magazines, I paid another visit to TMC Taipei’s stor…Read More
So a few weeks back in mid March I was informed by Piotr at TacticalTwoHQ that a care package was inbound from Nitecore, a name I had only just started hearing about but apparently a rapidly rising star in the global torch market. Grand, I …Read More
I had never been a massive fan of the G36 replicas in the past. But for some reason, I’ve always had a few in my collection. My very first airsoft replica was a second-hand Tokyo Marui G36. It was fine, worked like a charm and to this day r…Read More
So yet another few months have zipped by for me here in Taiwan and along with juggling final exams, parents days, national holidays - and flitting around my new island paradise home in typical me fashion - I’ve reached the point where soon …Read More
There are a lot of small gear manufacturers around the world that you might have not ever heard of. It’s a pity, because their products are of great quality. This is why we’d like to start a series of interviews with people who create produ…Read More
Safariland 6354DO is the gold standard of Glock holsters that accommodates both a red dot and a flashlight. We’ve long been waiting for a replica in the airsoft world and here it is!The package comes with a full configuration for the holste…Read More
Night video from our tests of the Bering Optics Urban Patrol.Read More
We’ve been impressed with the performance of the relatively cheap Bering Optics GT-14 Gen 2+ monocular, but this company has an even cheaper option for people who are not planning on using a helmet mounted solution.In the world of night vis…Read More
The last few weekends have been manic busy for me—lots of airsoft shopping as two of my teaching colleagues have decided to join the ranks of airsoft addicts, and one of them has even gotten his girlfriend interested and bought her all the …Read More
Right after my first foray into manufacturer visits at Bolt Airsoft I decided to make good use of my last day's holiday before being thrown back into the daily grind of work by taking a leisurely saunter over to TaoYuan, the city just North…Read More
I returned from my short escape to Thailand for an old uni friend's wedding last Tuesday morning—bleary eyed and knackered from a general trend of excess drinking, partying and sleep deprivation—and managed to return back to my flat in Zhub…Read More
Just like the Theta Optics Compact Reflex Sight itself, the box it comes in is nice and compact. Sufficiently wrapped up to protect it from bumps on the way to the customer, it complete with an allen key to fit the sight to a 20mm rail as w…Read More
As with the other Direct Action Gear products we have purchased, the packaging is second to none. Nice zip lock clear bags, with an awesome box that has a Polish SF soldier on it and some targets on the back so you can make excellent use of…Read More
So when we got this plate carrier, we paid very little attention to how it was packaged as we were that excited to get it out of the jiffy bag and clear plastic bag packaging. All packed nice and tightly so that it doesn’t take up too much …Read More
So, another month rolls round and we’re nearing my first xmas here in Taiwan… even though I kind of came here specifically to escape all the ‘Hallmark Holidays’ of the West - I’ve spent the last three xmases overseas in Germany, Bruges/Luxe…Read More
When it comes to flashlights, we all know that SureFire is the golden standard. There’s no doubt about it. But what if we’d like to look for a product that’s good and does not break the bank? Nitecore fills this need with many different opt…Read More
Following on from my past experiences in the UK with plastic shelled FastMags for both STANAG/M4 magazines and 9mm pistol mags, as well as my own custom modified MP7 FastMags which then served to hold my awkwardly sized Five-seveN pistol ma…Read More
Another piece of Flyye Khaki gear which has travelled the world with me on my many adventures; the Flyye EDC Camera Bag is an excellent low profile/ minimal accessories carriage option for a reasonable sized SLR or Bridge Camera – in my cas…Read More
Pentagon is known for their tactical line of clothing, but today we’re going to have a look at something different. Jeans. Yes, normal jeans but with a tactical twist. Thanks to our friends at Military1st we can test the new offering from P…Read More
You might not know DBR Custom Gear as it’s a small company based in Poland that specialises in producing custom solutions to your tactical needs.Every product they have available can be customised, completely changed or you can even design …Read More
RAMP series of polymer pouches is an alternative to other systems available on the market. I’m sure you all know ITW FastMags? IMI or Fab defence? A lot of manufacturers have some models available in their catalogue.The problem with FastMag…Read More
Hearing protection might not be the most important thing in airsoft, but communication is key. That’s why today we are taking a look at Opsmen Earmor M32 headset that offers both.Having spent time with different headsets from Z-Tac, opening…Read More
I have been using Gas Blowback Pistols in Airsoft for over a decade. I got my first Marui Glock 26 when I was still at secondary school for plinking, followed by a Marui M92F and Marui Desert Eagle.When I joined the original NTUSAS in my se…Read More
So whilst I was meandering around the 22nd Hooha Show in Taipei back on the first weekend of September, having only been here a month at the time - because of course I got involved with the airsoft scene here as soon as I could, naturally -…Read More
I almost feel guilty about this bag - I bought it over 6 years ago while it was on sale for £80 - usually they retail around the £100-120 mark - especially here in Taiwan, as they have to be imported from the US and hit by tax etc.The guilt…Read More
I have been travelling internationally quite extensively for the last decade or so since graduating - before that I rarely ever left the UK besides school trips to France and Belgium; my family were never immensely well off or even particul…Read More
Flyye EDC Bucket Bag is a fairly unusual but very useful individual MOLLE pouch I felt was worth mentioning; I got one in Khaki from Royal Tiger Gear in Hong Kong some years back and have found it very useful for sticking on the back of my …Read More
‘What’s this?’, I hear you say; ‘Another 5.11 product review from Stewbacca?’.It’s almost as if I have a habit to feed or something. Along with my 5.11 CAMS 2.0 and 5.11 Mission Ready 1.0, unfortunately the long serving FLYYE EDC Messenger …Read More
One of my all-time favourite pistols; the Five-seveN was originally made available in airsoft form by Marushin, but in an 8mm variant with an unusual magazine with the rounds visible through a side slot rather than the usual front viewing s…Read More
I’d seen photos and videos on the net from previous airsoft expos in Asia and had a keen interest in getting involved – aside from ‘The British Shooting Show’ in the UK – of which only a small part was dedicated to airsoft, in amongst all t…Read More
Action Bunker Taipei is located right next to the DongHu MRT station on the Brown over-ground line just north of Nangang (the Northernmost end station of the Taiwan High Speed Rail – which makes it convenient for me, with having to travel f…Read More
First Tactical is a fairly new brand on the market, and thanks to our friends at Military1st, we have a chance of testing their tactical trousers and telling you what we think about them.From the manufacturer’s perspective, the Tactix Tacti…Read More
Upon receiving the GT-14 you get a tasty little NVG bag that has a zipper and a buckle strap so you can attach it to your webbing or wear it like a tactical NVG handbag. Epic for the modern man. Inside you will find a main compartment, and …Read More
I've been sitting on this review, a long list of chores and interviews I've yet to complete. As it stood today, I'm able to cross this of the 'to do list'...A few years back, I was fortunate enough to pick up what was then, a slightly more …Read More
I'm a gun guy.Always have been. My earliest memory of this love traces back to nursery school when I was using a toy trumpet as a Tommy gun. I was 3 years old. The saga begins.I blame my parents really, a child watching movies starring Arno…Read More
Way back when, as a child growing up I was immersed in a steady diet of comics, such as 2000ad and of course, Judge Dredd, and films such as Star Wars, Robocop. As such I developed an insatiable thirst knowledge and reading as well as an ey…Read More
We’ve been fans of the Husar products for quite a while, so when they offered us a review unit of their Cubby Admin+ pouch, we could not say no.Husar Cubby Admin is an interesting product that can either be an admin pouch, a dangler or a fa…Read More
Black Mountain Tactical is a relatively new brand coming form Poland. Thanks to our friends at GunFire, we were able to have a closer look at the Cedar Combat Pants built with a ripstop material.The trousers are a very interesting propositi…Read More
It’s finally here! After many months of teasing, testing and preparations the original design of the dual tube system is available. Thanks to our friends at ActInBlack, we were able to try out and play around their near final version of the…Read More
Yep, night vision. The airsofter’s dream. Long have I waited to be able to stalk my prey in the night, like the deadly hunter I am. Or in my case, bimble around and get used to looking for my first NVG without squealing in excitement and gi…Read More
I first ventured into rigid plastic retention 'FASTMags' a few years ago and haven't looked back. I originally bought 4x Gen 2 replica FASTMags from RoyalTigerGear to go with my Flyye EDC HydPack and associated fast changeover Flyye PLB Bel…Read More
Owning a helmet for airsoft can be very beneficial. Obviously, it protects your head from any bumps or shots and allows for extra gear to be mounted on–including night vision.There are many replicas available on the market, from the cheap p…Read More
So I came across this rig because of my brother from another Polish mother, Piotr from TacticalTwo, is always showing me the latest in Polish gear like some form of gear guru/vice encourager. My bank account suffers enough already. One fate…Read More
Everybody knows the pain of having to take off their gloves just to use the smartphone on the field. It turns out, that this is a solved problem, and we’ll show you in this review, how the Armored Claw Shield gloves make your smartphone usa…Read More

So, my sister bought me this for my birthday a few years back, not really realising or caring what it was, and how it would haunt her whenever I went to visit and it would camouflage itself in with her couches or cushions ^^.
I'd already h…Read More
There’s not a lot of gear from eastern part of Europe we get to test, and definitely not a lot of rigs that come preconfigured. 365+ changes that as they sent us their hybrid chest rig/plate carrier called Buri. Let’s see what it’s all abou…Read More
Jackets! Trousers! Grey! Titanium! Oh my! Viper Tactical have released their new version of the Titanium jacket and trousers and thanks to Military1st we can show you what they came up with.The Viper Elite Jacket is a new version of a water…Read More
“Possibly the most solid airsoft pistol i have ever owned”As with all the other KWA / UMAREX pistols I have in my collection (M92 PTP and ATP), the packaging is sublime. Sleek black cardboard, in which lies the pistol with the mag …Read More
Night vision–the Holy Grail of gear any airsofter dreams about. Having the advantage of seeing better at night has been looked for since the very first battles ever took place. Night vision devices (NVDs for short) give you that ability. Th…Read More
Possibly the most utilised bit of kit I ever bought.The very first day of work in 2012 I joyfully handed my notice in and a month later I was embarking on a month long trip around China to find myself and clear my mind before returning to f…Read More
We've seen this happening a lot of times. Improper weaving leads to loose pouches, and faster wear of the material. Weave your MOLLE PROPERLY!This short tutorial will show you how to do it.Read More
Quite simply this is one of the best investments I feel I ever made throughout over a decade of airsoft.In my earlier years of playing I tried numerous different styles and constructions of tactical gear, including entirely custom assembled…Read More
I got these in Tan to match my rigs and Oakley SI 6" Assault Boots and to replace my worn out Warrior Assault Systems Tactical Gloves which basically got worn to pieces after a while of gaming.They are very comfortable; snug, without b…Read More

The best boots I've ever bought.
I invested in my first pair of Size 13 Oakley SI 6" Assault Boots about 7 years back, and have barely worn anything else on my feet the entire time since (beyond formal shoes and very occasionally my N…Read More
We have seen some of the Viper Tactical gear here at TacticalTwo, like the Elite Platform plate carrier. And you know what a great addition to a plate carrier would be? A day pack!It’s no secret that wearing an additional backpack over your…Read More
Admin pouches are a very useful piece of gear. In those, we can store basic tools, documents, writing equipment and such. Thanks to Military 1st, we can see what Flyye has to offer in this department.We got our hands on 3 different types of…Read More
I thought I’d start off reviewing the single most important piece of equipment for any airsofter; eye protection. This is made all the more relevant given an unfortunate incident recently in the south of England, where a young 14-year-old b…Read More
Jumpable plate carriers like Crye Precision JPC or JPC 2.0 became very popular, especially in the airsoft community. Flyye Swift is a great copy of it, and we’re going to have a look at it in this review.What’s really great about these type…Read More
It first got me when my former Russian next door neighbour’s son Vladimir let me have a go with his spring action pistol for the first time. Then I hit high school and got a Beretta M92F Springer of my own. Fast forward to sixth form and I …Read More
We previously looked at the Viper Elite Platform plate carrier and we liked it. Today, thanks to Military 1st we will be looking at Flyye Industries LT6094 plate carrier at a slightly higher price point.In the world of tactical gear and air…Read More
If you are looking for a branded and affordable plate carrier, look no more! Viper Elite Platform is here and thanks to Military 1st we’re going to take a look at it in this review.I know! If you are an airsoft player like me, I can complet…Read More
Thanks to the hwesta.eu online shop, we got our hands on the Helicon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants to test them.The Helicon-Tex UTP pants are part of the Urban Tactical Line group of products offered by Helikon-Tex. This line is designed to meet…Read More
Finding a fitting paddle holster, such as Blackhawk SERPA CQC for your Glock replica is not that easy. Especially if you own a Glock 18C replica. If you own a Tokyo Marui Glock 17, it will fit in your SERPA CQC perfectly. If you own a WE Gl…Read More
The Midland CT710 is a dual-band radio we will be looking at today.The radio comes in a pretty big box. It’s safely secured so you should not be worried to order it online for delivery.Apart from the transceiver, the box contains a fast des…Read More
Extending the frequency of these radios is very easy and can be done directly from the handheld. It's great as it will allow your CT410 and CT710 to cover PMR446 frequencies.With these simple steps, you will be able to extend (or unlock) yo…Read More
If you are shopping for a laser pointer for your rifle, there are many different options to choose from. One of them is G&P Dual Beam Aiming Laser, which we will have a look at in this review.The device is a replica of Laser Devices’ DB…Read More
Everyone has a different idea of what should be included in a Bug Out Bag (BOB). Each person has a unique situation they must prepare for, so there can be no one size fits all list for a BOB. Most importantly is that you are going to have t…Read More
You have probably read our previous review of Magpul’s iPhone case - the Executive Field Case for iPhone 4/4S. This time around we are having a look at Magpul Bump Case for the new iPhone 5/5s.In similar fashion to the previous phone cases …Read More
As more and more people start look at airsoft products, guns, and accessories, manufacturers are coming out of the woodwork to try and meet demand. Alongside this push for more products, there are a lot of terrible items being pawned off as…Read More
Much like paintball, many people are getting into airsoft, and it’s one of the more interesting tactical hobbies that you can get into. You can play in a variety of military style games and settings, and the sport allows you to hit other pa…Read More
Civilian belts are designed to look good and be stylish and perhaps to keep your pants from falling down. With a conceal carry tactical belt, however, function is the most important aspect that should be considered in a purchase. A well-de…Read More
With summer 2014 in full swing, it can only mean one thing: the latest versions of our favourite products are being released again.A new season brings with it a new style, and a new desire for tools to help get the most out of the warmer we…Read More
You can almost say that Magpul is Apple of the firearm industry. Products they make are cool, exciting and everybody wants them. That's why for me, both Apple and tactical fanboi the idea of having a Magpul case was just amazing. It was a c…Read More
Everybody loves their tactical attachments for their beloved rifles. It's almost required to have at least a torch on your gun, especially when you play CQB.Depending on your preference, you might want to choose a under-gun torch, put it on…Read More