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Nitecore mh12gt flashlight
When it comes to flashlights, we all know that SureFire is the golden standard. There’s no doubt ...
Tmc fma scorpion gen 2 pistol fastmags
Following on from my past experiences in the UK with plastic shelled FastMags for both STANAG/M4 ...
Flyye edc camera bag
Another piece of Flyye Khaki gear which has travelled the world with me on my many adventures; th...
Dbr custom gear smb cobra belt
You might not know DBR Custom Gear as it’s a small company based in Poland that specialises in pr...
Pentagon rogue jeans
Pentagon is known for their tactical line of clothing, but today we’re going to have a look at something different. Jeans. Yes, normal jeans but with a tactical twist. Thanks to our friends at Military1st we can test the new offering from Pentagon. Pentagon Rogue Jeans is an attempt at delivering a casual look and feel with few tactical features thrown here and there. So wh...
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Show guns hong kong
So whilst I was meandering around the 22nd Hooha Show in Taipei back on the first weekend of September, having only been here a month at the time - because of course I got involved with the airsoft scene here as soon as I could, naturally - I came across Show Guns Hong Kong. ...Read More
Site review action bunker taipei
Action Bunker Taipei is located right next to the DongHu MRT station on the Brown over-ground line just north of Nangang (the Northernmost end station of the Taiwan High Speed Rail – which makes it convenient for me, with having to travel from Hsinchu where I live and work - a...Read More
The 22nd hooha show in taipei
I’d seen photos and videos on the net from previous airsoft expos in Asia and had a keen interest in getting involved – aside from ‘The British Shooting Show’ in the UK – of which only a small part was dedicated to airsoft, in amongst all the tweed and cordite of live fire sho...Read More
Bada bing my airsoft history
I'm a gun guy. Always have been. My earliest memory of this love traces back to nursery school when I was using a toy trumpet as a Tommy gun. I was 3 years old. The saga begins. I blame my parents really, a child watching movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, would most lik...Read More
S23 my healthy airsoft obsession
Way back when, as a child growing up I was immersed in a steady diet of comics, such as 2000ad and of course, Judge Dredd, and films such as Star Wars, Robocop. As such I developed an insatiable thirst knowledge and reading as well as an eye for the aesthetic and design, being...Read More