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Husar cubby admin
We’ve been fans of the Husar products for quite a while, so when they offered us a review unit of...
Black mountain tactical cedar combat pants
Black Mountain Tactical is a relatively new brand coming form Poland. Thanks to our friends at Gu...
Actinblack dtnvg dual tube night vision goggle
It’s finally here! After many months of teasing, testing and preparations the original design of ...
Pulsar challenger gs 1x20 night vision monocular
Yep, night vision. The airsofter’s dream. Long have I waited to be able to stalk my prey in the n...
Viper fast helmet
Owning a helmet for airsoft can be very beneficial. Obviously, it protects your head from any bumps or shots and allows for extra gear to be mounted on–including night vision. There are many replicas available on the market, from the cheap plain helmets with limited comfort and customisation to more expensive ones and those that are built better. Thanks to Military1st we h...
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S23 my healthy airsoft obsession
Way back when, as a child growing up I was immersed in a steady diet of comics, such as 2000ad and of course, Judge Dredd, and films such as Star Wars, Robocop. As such I developed an insatiable thirst knowledge and reading as well as an eye for the aesthetic and design, being...Read More
Stewbacca117 the story of my addiction
It first got me when my former Russian next door neighbour’s son Vladimir let me have a go with his spring action pistol for the first time. Then I hit high school and got a Beretta M92F Springer of my own. Fast forward to sixth form and I was buying my first Gas Blow Back P...Read More
How to extend the frequency range of midland ct210 ct410 and ct710
Extending the frequency of these radios is very easy and can be done directly from the handheld. It's great as it will allow your CT410 and CT710 to cover PMR446 frequencies. With these simple steps, you will be able to extend (or unlock) your Midland radio to cover full expo...Read More
9 things you might want in your bug out bag
Everyone has a different idea of what should be included in a Bug Out Bag (BOB). Each person has a unique situation they must prepare for, so there can be no one size fits all list for a BOB. Most importantly is that you are going to have to lug this pack around, so filling it...Read More
3 tips for picking up the best airsoft products
As more and more people start look at airsoft products, guns, and accessories, manufacturers are coming out of the woodwork to try and meet demand. Alongside this push for more products, there are a lot of terrible items being pawned off as excellent solutions. You may be fool...Read More