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Opsmen earmor m32 electronic communication hearing protection
Hearing protection might not be the most important thing in airsoft, but communication is key. That’s why today we are taking a look at Opsmen Earmor M32 headset that offers both. Having spent time with different headsets from Z-Tac, opening the Earmor box gave much better ...Read More
Gear4grunts ramp e polymer magazine pouch
RAMP series of polymer pouches is an alternative to other systems available on the market. I’m sure you all know ITW FastMags? IMI or Fab defence? A lot of manufacturers have some models available in their catalogue. The problem with FastMags for example, is that its construc...Read More
Blackhawk serpa retention holsters
I have been using Gas Blowback Pistols in Airsoft for over a decade. I got my first Marui Glock 26 when I was still at secondary school for plinking, followed by a Marui M92F and Marui Desert Eagle. When I joined the original NTUSAS in my second year of university I carried t...Read More
5 11 range ready bag
I almost feel guilty about this bag - I bought it over 6 years ago while it was on sale for £80 - usually they retail around the £100-120 mark - especially here in Taiwan, as they have to be imported from the US and hit by tax etc. The guilty part is for the fact that it sat ...Read More
Flyye edc bucket bag
Flyye EDC Bucket Bag is a fairly unusual but very useful individual MOLLE pouch I felt was worth mentioning; I got one in Khaki from Royal Tiger Gear in Hong Kong some years back and have found it very useful for sticking on the back of my MOLLE belt rigs or occasionally on th...Read More
5 11 rush delivery lima carry bag
‘What’s this?’, I hear you say; ‘Another 5.11 product review from Stewbacca?’. It’s almost as if I have a habit to feed or something. Along with my 5.11 CAMS 2.0 and 5.11 Mission Ready 1.0, unfortunately the long serving FLYYE EDC Messenger Bag my sister bought me for my birt...Read More
5 11 rolling luggage range
I have been travelling internationally quite extensively for the last decade or so since graduating - before that I rarely ever left the UK besides school trips to France and Belgium; my family were never immensely well off or even particularly inclined to head overseas as a u...Read More
Tokyo marui five seven gbb pistol
One of my all-time favourite pistols; the Five-seveN was originally made available in airsoft form by Marushin, but in an 8mm variant with an unusual magazine with the rounds visible through a side slot rather than the usual front viewing slot. Once Tokyo Marui brought out the...Read More
First tactical tactix tactical trousers
First Tactical is a fairly new brand on the market, and thanks to our friends at Military1st, we have a chance of testing their tactical trousers and telling you what we think about them. From the manufacturer’s perspective, the Tactix Tactical pants are designed to deliver f...Read More
Bering optics gt 14
Packaging—Let’s get it out the box! Upon receiving the GT-14 you get a tasty little NVG bag that has a zipper and a buckle strap so you can attach it to your webbing or wear it like a tactical NVG handbag. Epic for the modern man. Inside you will find a main compartment, and ...Read More