Admin pouches are a very useful piece of gear. In those, we can store basic tools, documents, writing equipment and such. Thanks to Military 1st, we can see what Flyye has to offer in this department.

Three Admin Pouches

We got our hands on 3 different types of admin pouches. 2 full size one and a special smaller one.

All of the pouches are made of 1000D Cordura and come in CRYE Precision Original MultiCam, black, khaki, olive drab, or coyote brown. Each one of them have their own respective set of features.

SAF Admin Panel

Flyye SAF Admin Panel

This admin panel is probably my favourite due to the smaller size. Its front offers enough space to put any patches of your choice. It has two compartments. A larger, elastic pocket which closes with Velcro fasteners. Due to the elastic bit, it can accommodate larger items depending on needs. The other, smaller pocket has a Velcro flap and allows storing items such as multitools, pistol mags etc. Additionally, both compartments contain paracord loops, great for making sure that longer items such as pens or light sticks stay secured. Additionally on the side, there’s a Duraflex 1” D-ring which allows attaching items such as keychains.

Flyye SAF Admin Panel

Storage Pouch

Flyye Storage Pouch

This standard size admin pouch contains a huge front Velcro panel for your patches. Opening the top flap reveals large internally divided pocket with additional elastic nylon loops. It’s larger size will allow you to store maps or notebooks of much bigger size. It’s the simplest design of them all but provides the most storage capacity.

Flyye Storage Pouch

Admin Pistol Pouch

Flyye Admin Pistol Pouch

The last option is a mix of the storage pouch with the SAF pouch. It’s the same, larger size as the predecessor. It’s divided into a pocket with a Velcro flap and another smaller pistol magazine pouch. It also provides plenty of hook and loop space for your patches. Internal pocket similarly is divided into two compartments and the one at the back will allow the user to store bigger maps or notebooks. Built-in elastic nylon loops help to secure the items inside.

Flyye Admin Pistol Pouch


Those three choices should cover most of the use cases for an admin pouch. Whether you are looking for a smaller pouch, one with lots of storage space or with a pistol mag container, Flyye gets you covered. All of them are available from Military 1st and do not break the bank.

Get Flyye SAF Admin Panel at Military 1st

Get Flyye Storage Pouch Admin Panel at Military 1st

Get Flyye Pistol Admin Panel at Military 1st