So, my sister bought me this for my birthday a few years back, not really realising or caring what it was, and how it would haunt her whenever I went to visit and it would camouflage itself in with her couches or cushions ^^.

I’d already had the FLYYE EDC HydPack and Backpacks for a few years but figured something a bit more lightweight or businessy (even though it looks ‘the business’ or ‘operator’ in Khaki, not so much ‘businessman’ like!) Would be better for day to day work and when I needed to carry my laptop in an over the shoulder bag rather than a backpack.

I got it and immediately saw the potential for adding 4 FLYYE Vertical Utility Pouches around the ends and each side of the main face, as well as FLYYE EDC GPS pouches for my business card holder and breath freshener, FLYYE 40mm Grenade pouches for my Anker backup battery and USB cable, and FLYYE Frag Grenade pouches for a little aftershave or battery charging wall plugs.

Flyye EDC Notebook/Messenger bag

Simply put, it keeps everything together I need on a regular basis or if I’m being an unannounced dirty stop out. Alongside the padded laptop compartment (which I tend to use for documentation or flat shopping items on stops on the way home from work when not carrying a laptop) it already has a larger main compartment in front of that, both of which are secured by a zipper across the top. 
Inside the main compartment are further divider pouches I use for books, business diaries, dry wash gel/hand sanitizer, first aid supplies and it also has elasticated loops for holding pens or similar stationery items.

The strap has a sliding padded wider section with a gripping fabric surface on the underside to keep it in place and help distribute the load across your shoulder comfortably. It also has swivel mounts at each end to allow ease of removal if required and also prevent twisting in use.

In favour of the shoulder strap there is also a velcro closing double grab handle which rests over the top of the main zip compartment, as well as the main face having a reasonable sized Velcro patch for affixing nametapes and morale patches.

I literally use this thing everyday, to and from work, carrying lunch to work or shopping home on the way back, books or other materials and my laptop to friend’s places, I get a lot of compliments about its appearance and practicality, it just does the business.

Flyye EDC Notebook/Messenger bag

Apart from on really long slogs when it’s been overloaded with computer and camera gear and related batteries and cables, I rarely notice it getting uncomfortable to carry. And it stows nicely between your legs when sat down on public transport.