We previously looked at the Viper Elite Platform plate carrier and we liked it. Today, thanks to Military 1st we will be looking at Flyye Industries LT6094 plate carrier at a slightly higher price point.

Flyye LT6094 Front

The replica

In the world of tactical gear and airsoft, the word replica sits at the very top. The rifle that you are using is a replica, the pistol–is also a replica. So what about the plate carrier? Flyye LT6094 is a replica of the famous LBT-6094A plate carrier produced by London Bridge Trading Inc. which is a golden standard in the world of plate carriers. There are many replicas of it on the market, and I’m really happy that we got to play with the Flyye one!

Like the original version, LT6094 is made out of 1000D Cordura fabric. The new updated versions of the original come in 500D fabric though. Our model came in medium size and ranger green colour.


LBT did a great job at building a lot of features into the plate carrier. Flyye did a really good job at replicating those features very closely!

Front: At the front we can find a lot of PALS webbing giving tons of space for attaching equipment. The top part also comes covered in hook-and-loop fasteners giving enough real-estate for the patches or other similar items. Apart from the horizontal webbing, we can also find added extra vertical loops useful for attaching communication devices such as PTTs. The left and right side of the vest features smaller tubes closable with hooks and loops that allow managing cables or hydration bladder drink tubes. The lower part of the vest holds a kangaroo pouch that can be used for either storing items or document or, which is more popular, for holding magazines for a lower profile look. The pouch accepts inserts that enable the user to better store the mags.

Flyye LT6094 Kangaroo Pouch

Underneath the kangaroo pouch, which acts as a flap, there is a cummerbund retention system using the hook-and-loop mechanism. In order to secure the cummerbund, you lift the flap, attach the cummerbund ends with touch fasteners and put the flap down to its place. Fast, easy and secure.

Flyye LT6094 Cummerbund

Back: Back is very similar. It offers 6x6 webbing grid to weave e.g.. backpacks, camelbacks, or any other bigger pouches. The top features a drag handle that has been reinforced with extra stitching and is secured up to the third row of the webbing. Where the front holds a kangaroo pouch, the back allows the cummerbund to go through the back.

Flyye LT6094 Back

Both front and back have an inner compartment for inserting ESAPI plates in medium to large size. We were using dummy medium size replacements and they were easy to insert with leaving some space to adjust the positioning.

Flyye LT6094 SAPI Plates

Shoulder pads: The shoulder pads are easily adjustable. They have enough margin to fit both really small guys and those with sizes bigger than XL. They are removable, although I can’t see anybody preferring to use the vest without them. At the sides of the pads there is another set of tubes allowing to manage the cables. If necessary, or is preferred, it’s also possible to route any cables through the shoulder pads as they open nicely thanks to the Velcro fasteners. What’s worth noting is that all plastic elements are proper Duraflex products.

Flyye LT6094 Shoulder Pads

Stitching: It looks solid! All the areas of higher tension features extra reinforced stitching. The only thing I was not impressed with is the spacing for the PALS webbing. It seems to be a bit off here and there but even that does not prevent easy installation of the pouches. Apart from that, the webbing looks really solid.

Flyye LT6094 Stitching

Cummerbund: The cummerbund is a perfect replica of the original. Other companies like Pantac do not provide the same level of detail. The size of the cummerbund can be adjusted at the back with a set of bungee cords. The whole piece offers 3 rows of MOLLE webbing with extra containers for ballistic side plates and 2 built in radio pouches. They are a great addition if you are going to stick with the included cummerbund, as it offers a low profile way of carrying the radio equipment. It’s also possible to carry extra magazines in them. If necessary, extra items can also be stored in the inner side of the cummerbund thanks to the mesh material that it’s built with and opens at the top.

Flyye LT6094 Cummerbund

Flyye LT6094 Cummerbund Radio Pouch

Wearing It

This vest is super comfortable. I think this is the best way to put it. The padded shoulders are low profile and perfectly balance the weight of the vest with the equipment. Thanks to multiple ways of adjusting the size, even for me, a smaller guy, I was able to adjust it to fit me perfectly. Could be the cut of the vest too. It definitely felt better fitting compared to the previous Viper Elite Platform.

Flyye LT6094 Flyye LT6094 Flyye LT6094 Flyye LT6094 Flyye LT6094

Because of the shoulder pads being closer to the neck, there’s a natural V shape created between them and the vest. This makes enough room for the user to shoulder the rifle on… their actual shoulder. A lot of the plate carriers cover that area and the user is forced to shoulder the rifle on the vest itself which in my opinion is far from perfect. Because of the cut, the vest does not get in the way. It allows for full movement of your arms. This is a big plus when for example firing a pistol when aiming straight.

The cable management system is indeed helpful when using a camelback. Keeps the drinking tube in place and prevents it from getting lost.

Flyye LT6094 Cable Management

I really enjoyed the built in kangaroo pouch. Having installed a small insert which divides it into 3 mag pouches was great. You can really keep the vest from having a thick look by utilising it. But that’s the beauty of the system–you don’t have to!


This is the best replica of the LBT-6094A I had in my hands so far. It is a bit more expensive but it’s definitely a quality product. Having spoken to other users of the same model, I can only confirm that they are more than happy with the choice. Spending around 120GBP (~155EUR, ~170USD) gives you a solid product that’s built to last for less than half the price of the original. It comes in 5 colours (Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Khaki, MultiCam, A-TACS FG). Flyye uses quality materials and it shows.

Flyye LT6094 Flyye LT6094 Flyye LT6094

You can get the Flyye LT6094 at Military 1st for £119.99 GBP.

Military 1st