The Midland CT710 is a dual-band radio we will be looking at today.

What’s in the box?

Midland CT710 Box

The radio comes in a pretty big box. It’s safely secured so you should not be worried to order it online for delivery.

Apart from the transceiver, the box contains a fast desktop charger, wall adaptor, Li-Ion battery pack (1.600 mAh), antenna, belt clip and a guide. The manual can be downloaded as a PDF for easier reading and searching.

Main features

Midland CT710

Midland CT710 is a dual-band radio, which means that it can receive and transmit at 2 frequencies–144 MHz (136-174MHz) and 430 MHz (400-470 MHz). As a bonus, it also allows you to listen to normal FM radio.

Midland CT710

On the left side of the radio you will find the main Push-To-Talk (PTT) button and two smaller Flank keys below. Those are used for different features. First Flank key allows transmitting on the second channel, or changing the main frequency. Switching to FM radio is also done using this button. The third button is used for sending the code tones.

Midland CT710

The right side of the radio contains the external microphone/headphone jacks using standard dual Kenwood-type connector.

The front is quite simple. The display allows you to display frequencies or names of the channels. Up to two at once (as it’s a dual-band radio). The main buttons of operation are the MENU, ENTER and VFO/MR buttons. Below you can find the numeric keypad with secondary function keys for quick menu access. This radio allows to customise the colour of the backlit of the screen. It’s possible to pick blue, orange or purple.

At the top we will find the power/volume knob and encoder knob that’s used for channel selection and menu navigation.

Basic operations

Turning on the radio allows you to immediately key in the frequency required. Pressing Flank key 1 will result in the switch to the other frequency. This is useful to monitor 2 different channels at the same time.

Pressing MENU followed by one of the number pad keys allows quick access to the menu options. Turning the encoder know gives you access to all the options in the menu.

Midland CT710

Programming can happen directly form the keypad or via additional software that can be purchased from Midland.


Midland CT710

Getting up and running with the external headset is very easy. The sound is clear both when transmitting or receiving. Range is fantastic, thanks to the 5W output. Battery life is good.

The build quality is god. I would not call it the most rugged radio, especially in comparison with e.g. Motorola GP68 but it does get the job done.

The PTT is not too soft, which mean you won’t be transmitting by accident easily. Knobs provide a good amount of resistance and they are simply satisfying to use.

I’d recommend the radio for people looking for a nice dual-band radio.