Finding a fitting paddle holster, such as Blackhawk SERPA CQC for your Glock replica is not that easy. Especially if you own a Glock 18C replica. If you own a Tokyo Marui Glock 17, it will fit in your SERPA CQC perfectly. If you own a WE Glock 18C replica–not so much, because of the slightly wider frame.

This is where Nuprol Paddle Holster solves all your problems!

WE Glock 18C with Nuprol Paddle Holster

This is the WE Glock 18C replica sitting holstered in the fantastic Nuprol Paddle Holster. It’s designed to be compatible with WE range of pistols, but that does not mean it won’t work with other manufacturers. It works perfectly fine. In fact, it should work with all Glock 17/18/19/23/34/35 replicas available on the market. Don’t forget that it will also fit the real steel versions too.

Inside the box!

Nuprol Holster

In the plastic and nicely designed resealable bag, you will find the holster with the paddle and a hex key. Not much, but it keeps the price low. What we also decided to add to the setup is the MOLLE adapter that allows you to mount the holster onto your tactical vest for example.

The holster

Nuprol Holster

The holster itself is made from a nice black polymer that has a soft matte finish. The fast release switch itself is big and contains an extra anti-slip surface. The travel distance is perfect, so is the strength of the spring. Taking your Glock pistol out is very smooth. What is more satisfying is actually holstering it. There are no problems with putting your pistol in. The inside of the holster is polished which makes sure that there is no extra friction. And that click when you ram the gun inside! When holstered, there is no way of the pistol getting out. It stays in there securely.

The included hex key allows you to adjust the angle when using either the included paddle or with additional MOLLE adapter.


As far as we can tell, using the provided paddle platform works great. It stays locked behind your trousers or belt and additional rubber padding secures it even further. Our preferred way of carrying it is with the additional MOLLE adapter though. It’s very easy to install and after screwing in the holster itself there no way it can move. The 360 degrees freedom of the angle allows you to mount it your way. Vertically, horizontally or at any other angle you like.

Nuprol MOLLE Adapter


Nuprol Holster for WE Glock 18C

We simply love this holster! Given it is one of the very few specifically designed to work with airsoft pistols, makes it a perfect candidate for anybody who’s looking for a polymer holster. The low price and the very good quality made us very happy! What we are looking for in future is a version with extra space for pistols with tactical lights attached–like Safariland SLS or ALS! We cannot recommend this product more, especially if you run a WE Glock 18C replica because we know how hard it is to find a good polymer holster for it.