Just like the Theta Optics Compact Reflex Sight itself, the box it comes in is nice and compact. Sufficiently wrapped up to protect it from bumps on the way to the customer, it complete with an allen key to fit the sight to a 20mm rail as well as attaching/removing the riser. A small cleaning cloth ensures that you can keep both the front and the rear of the optic nice and sparkly clean. A CR1620 battery IS included so that means you get use it straight away.

Theta Optics Compact Reflex Sight

The product

For most of my airsofting career, I have been using Eotech holographic sights, so this was quite a big change for me. I wasn’t sure if I would like the minimalist size of the sight, but nevertheless I fixed it straight on to my E&L AK701, forward mounted it and took it straight to the field. I found there is something very smooth when using this type of sight. Holding the product it has a nice weight to it and very nice anodised finish to it.

Theta Optics Compact Reflex Sight

Build quality

I was very impressed at how slick and solid the frame of the sight is and like it says in the title—compact! The windage and elevation dials are covered by textured caps to protect them from accidental knocks - which make sure that once you set them up you don’t need to worry about knocking or tweaking them by accident. The dot sight illuminator is on the right hand side and slightly further forward than the windage and elevation dials. This also has a grippy surface around the dial that can be turned easily with or without gloves and has a nice satisfactory click when it gets into place.

Theta Optics Compact Reflex Sight

The sight also comes with a riser (something I didn’t use at first—more on that in a bit), which is indispensable for comfortable aiming. The fit between the riser and the sight was ever so slightly loose—nothing a little black tape between both pieces couldn’t fix so it could be tightened properly.

Features and benefits

My favourite feature is the actual dot itself. The sight has 2 dot colours – red and green, each with 5 level of brightness. The brightness intensity levels are very satisfactory for use for daytime and night time operating. What I like most about the dot is that it does not impede target acquisition – a positive feature when comparing it to Eotech sights.

Theta Optics Compact Reflex Sight

If you want to have a dot sight that has various reticules, then you don’t want to buy this one. This sight keeps it simple and straight forward – just a dot. It would also be nice if the sight included the mesh protection for the front of the sight – to help protect the lens against CQB and distance BBs, as well as scuffs or knocks. I feel that the frame is a little slim on the front part of the sight.

Now a bit more about that riser. When I first got the sight, I wanted my AK to look all low pro and what not – so didn’t use the riser. However, this was a mistake, as it meant aiming through the scope was not the easiest thing – yes the AK looked cool, but it wasn’t entirely functional.

Enter the riser! Still keeping the sight mounted further forward on the AK top rail, the riser gave me 100% efficiency for target acquisition and comfort when aiming. This is when the sight really comes into its own, allowing you to snap onto and off of your targets with ease. The next step is to try this sight with a magnifier behind it, and see how it fares.

Theta Optics Compact Reflex Sight

I’ve used the sight in woodland games and a couple of CQB situations. Both times I have had no issues when aiming through the sight. Its small physical size means that it doesn’t get in the way of anything or block your vision when looking straight ahead or around and over your rifle. I also very cleverly left the sight on level 5 brightness in my gun bag for over a week and the battery still didn’t run out – that leads me to believe that the energy consumption is also very efficient!

To conclude this review, I’m just going to tell you as it is. If you’re looking for a solid, effective and affordable dot sight, and don’t want anything to “big” on your RIS, definitely buy this one. I’m sure if you head to you’ll also add a few more goodies to your basket before checking it. Maybe a magnifier to tell me how it goes with this sight!

Theta Optics Compact Reflex Sight