Safariland 6354DO is the gold standard of Glock holsters that accommodates both a red dot and a flashlight. We’ve long been waiting for a replica in the airsoft world and here it is!

The package comes with a full configuration for the holster on a drop-leg platform. What we’ve got included is the holster itself, a drop-leg platform and two leg straps.

Let’s talk about the drop-leg platform first, just to get it out of the way. It’s a very good replica. The main belt strap is strong and secured properly to the platform itself. The leg wrap-around straps are just as they should be utilising the stretchy material all the way. The buckles it comes with are the UTX Duraflex Mojave Streamline 40mm ones, which means that they will last long. We were very impressed by the general fit and finish of the platform.

TMC 354DO leg strap

But let’s get back to the most important thing—the holster itself.

The TMC 63DO (as it’s being called on some of the websites) replicates the ALS (Automatic Locking System) system perfectly. This system locks the weapon by catching on the ejection port. As soon as you slide your weapon into the holster all the way in, you will hear a very positive and satisfying click. That’s how you know that your weapon is held in place. To release the weapon, put your hand on the weapon grip, with your thumb activate the release switch and draw your pistol. Smooth and easy.

TMC 354DO ALS release switch

The locking mechanism leaves enough space to trick your Glock with suppressor sights and a reddot. Both RMR and DeltaPoint Pro should fit without issues.

TMC 354DO ALS system

We have been testing the holster with the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 with and without the flashlight and we’ve never encountered any issues with the locking system. The gun might wobble a bit inside, but it never unlocked itself.

The holster is wrapped in a good quality Multicam Cordura material. It’s much better than having it hydro dipped, as it leaves a nice matte finish. The plastic it’s made of is thick and feels very sturdy. Inside, the holster is finished with a soft material that will ensure your pistol gets less scratches. The bottom part of the holster features protection for both the barrel and the flashlight, ensuring that no dust enters the inner barrel and you cannot smash your light.

TMC 354DO ALS soft material inside

There are some minor differences in the shape compared to the original, but you won’t see them unless you really look for them and they do not impact the usability of it a tiny bit. It just works as expected. Here are the photos of the original first and then the TMC replica. Can you spot the differences?

Original Safariland 6354DO ALS from Evike

Replica TMC 354DO ALS

To test it properly, we’ve also installed it on the QLS replica system, running it on the mid-ride drop platform with a single strap. It’s been a real pleasure and we believe this to be the way to run the holster. Both drawing and holstering of the weapon feels natural—an oh, the sound it makes! It is oddly satisfying.

TMC 354DO ALS on a mid-ride drop-leg

TMC 354DO ALS on a QLS fork

Given its very low pricing of around $30/€30, the quality of the materials and that it brings to the market, the whole set of a holster and a drop-leg platform, we are really impressed with the product. Keeping in mind that the original Safariland costs over $200, we cannot ask for more. We will have to find out about the general durability and longevity of it though and we will report back in future.

TMC 354DO ALS drawing the weapon

Would we recommend this product for people looking for a Safariland 6354DO replica holster? Absolutely. TMC builds some really great replicas and this holster is no different.