Civilian belts are designed to look good and be stylish and perhaps to keep your pants from falling down. With a conceal carry tactical belt, however, function is the most important aspect that should be considered in a purchase. A well-designed conceal carry belt make the difference for a smooth draw in a stressful situation when time is critical.

You want a conceal carry belt that is strong enough to hold the weapon securely and not buckle or constrain when you draw it. Even though style is not a primary concern over function in a conceal carry belt, it is always a nice touch when it can look good as well as perform.

Some people love the classic look and feel of leather with their conceal carry belts while others prefer the increased durability and synthetic properties of nylon hybrids. There are pros and cons to each type of belt and each has die-hard fans.

Price can also be a concern when considering a conceal carry belt. Depending on the type, style and features of the belt, the price can range from around $25 to well over a hundred for a higher end or custom made belt.

A conceal carry belt, just like your sidearm, is an investment. However, different budgets can play a factor in the type and even numbers of conceal carry belts you may choose.

In the end, the choices among the different styles, varieties, materials and features are a personal preference. Just remember, in the end, your choice in conceal carry belt is almost as important as your choice in sidearm. It can determine how easily you can reach and remove your sidearm when the moment counts. Ideally, you want to match the carry belt with the sidearm so they work perfectly together.