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I'm a gun guy. Always have been. My earliest memory of this love traces back to nursery school when I was using a toy trumpet as a Tommy gun. I was 3 years old. The saga begins. I blame my parents really, a child watching movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, would most lik...Read More
Way back when, as a child growing up I was immersed in a steady diet of comics, such as 2000ad and of course, Judge Dredd, and films such as Star Wars, Robocop. As such I developed an insatiable thirst knowledge and reading as well as an eye for the aesthetic and design, being...Read More
It first got me when my former Russian next door neighbour’s son Vladimir let me have a go with his spring action pistol for the first time. Then I hit high school and got a Beretta M92F Springer of my own. Fast forward to sixth form and I was buying my first Gas Blow Back P...Read More
Extending the frequency of these radios is very easy and can be done directly from the handheld. It's great as it will allow your CT410 and CT710 to cover PMR446 frequencies. With these simple steps, you will be able to extend (or unlock) your Midland radio to cover full expo...Read More
Everyone has a different idea of what should be included in a Bug Out Bag (BOB). Each person has a unique situation they must prepare for, so there can be no one size fits all list for a BOB. Most importantly is that you are going to have to lug this pack around, so filling it...Read More
As more and more people start look at airsoft products, guns, and accessories, manufacturers are coming out of the woodwork to try and meet demand. Alongside this push for more products, there are a lot of terrible items being pawned off as excellent solutions. You may be fool...Read More
Much like paintball, many people are getting into airsoft, and it’s one of the more interesting tactical hobbies that you can get into. You can play in a variety of military style games and settings, and the sport allows you to hit other participants with non-metal based pelle...Read More
Civilian belts are designed to look good and be stylish and perhaps to keep your pants from falling down. With a conceal carry tactical belt, however, function is the most important aspect that should be considered in a purchase. A well-designed conceal carry belt make the di...Read More
With summer 2014 in full swing, it can only mean one thing: the latest versions of our favourite products are being released again. A new season brings with it a new style, and a new desire for tools to help get the most out of the warmer weather. Nothing fits in to that cate...Read More